Packaging pre-design checklist

Packaging pre-design checklist

When it comes to designing packaging, we understand that attention to detail is paramount. It's a collaborative process that involves coordinating with printers, vendors, and ensuring strict adherence to regulations.

To set the stage for a successful project, it's important to gather key details right from the get-go. By following a comprehensive pre-design checklist, we can help keep your project on track with your timeline and ensure a smooth and seamless process. 

Pre-design checklist

  • Identify product category
  • Consider shelf conditions

  • Provide cutter guides and dimensions
  • Image of the box or bottle

 Address regulations and legal compliance

  • Validate certifications and claims
  • Reviewing compliance checklists for targeted retailers
  • Verify barcodes with GS1


For each product

 Product names 

 Details of the ranges

 Product copy:

  • Key information pertaining to the ingredients
  • Usage and benefits (product based USPs)

 Weight/Volume/Pack Quantity

 Usage instructions

 Legal and approved ingredients list

 Allergens and nutritional information (if applicable)

 Approved credentials icons

 BBE/use by/expiry date and information:

 Batch code (if applicable)

 Advice or warnings 

 Legal addresses for pack

 Barcodes: GS1

 Social handles 



Engaging with a compliance lawyer during product development ensures formulations meet legal requirements.

It's essential to have them review your product details and copy before providing it to us. And again during final design sign-off to guarantee compliance.

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