Our Values

May 21, 2022
Our Values

Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave 'em all over everything you do - Elvis Presley

The reason Kindred’s been able to help so many of our wonderful clients stand out and thrive, is our shared values. They’re the foundation and roadmap for everything we do!

These are not just words to us–they’re the recipe we follow to ensure delicious results every time.

Here’s what’s lovingly baked into the bread of our business:


While websites, photography and branding is what we do, we like to think Kindred is more about how we make people feel. Our company values are deeply rooted in fostering connection, both with our clients and their customers.

So how do we do this? There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Kindred. Every single client is unique, and so too are their needs. We love to take what’s special about each brand and the people behind it, and create memorable design that truly speak to their customers.


Working in silos is not our jam. We’re a team that came together thanks to a shared sense of creative purpose…so it’s really a no-brainer that we work so closely together from briefing to delivery. At every team hui, we welcome all ideas, and invite thoughtful discussion and critique. 

Kindred is a place where bold ideas come to life, and inclusive and close collaboration is absolutely key to achieving this.


We understand brand identity and how crucial it is to drawing and retaining customers, which is why we champion and push for creative excellence at every level. Our team has exacting standards when it comes to creative output, and to ensure we’re meeting this level time and time again, we have a few tricks up our sleeve:

☺︎ We stay curious

At every stage, we never stop questioning and seeking new information and ideas. Curiosity is one hell of a motivator, and one that’s helped us ensure every output hits the brief and speaks to our clients.

☺︎ We search for inspiration everywhere

While we’re specialists at what we do, we’re generalists when it comes to creative consumption. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources, so we never stop seeking ways to spark our imaginations!

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